Recruitment, Candidate Testing & Training

Recruitment, Candidate Testing & Training

Finance and Management Team Recruiting

Finance and Management Team Recruiting

The First Step is to Get All The Right People On The Bus and in the Correct Seats.

Replacement or growth in your management team and finance organization is one of the most critical decisions that any manager can make. The cost to attract, hire and retain quality talent in these functions is significant to an organization’s bottom line. Specifically in the management and finance disciplines the impact of every hire has a significant effect on the bottom line both because of the explicit costs associated with these positions and the impact their decisions have on the organization as a whole.

Our team provides a full service executive search and placement service with a specific focus on the management, finance and accounting disciplines. This is not your run of the mill sourcing agency service. We differentiate ourselves by the extent of screening that is performed before you ever see the candidate’s resume. Our process entails the following critical screenings before you see a candidate’s resume:

  • Telephone Interview
  • Reference Check
  • Competency Screening and Testing
  • Personal Interview
  • Writing Sample (When Relevant to the Position)

When we find candidates who meet your criteria an pass our screening process, we will present you with their resume, summary of strengths and weaknesses for the position, and why we believe you should interview the candidate. Then we will attend interviews with you (at your discretion) with the candidate and serve you as an advocate to make sure that you are getting the questions ansered in the interview that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Finally, we will work with you through the offer and on-boarding process with the candidate. We will provide you with objective data points regarding current market compensation packages for the position and can draft the offer letter for your review and use. We will also stay in contact with the candidate until they are onboard in your organization and functioning.

We guarantee our services with a 90-day, no questions asked re-sourcing service guarantee. If for any reason, during the first 90-days that you find that the candidate hired was not the right fit, we will re-perform the search for you at no additional fee.

Please contact us today to discuss your personnel needs and we will develop a customized solution to meet your needs.

Candidate Testing and Background Checks

Candidate Testing and Background Checks

You Found the Right Person, But Do They Have The Right Skills? We Can Help!

You’ve invested time meeting many candidates for your vacant position and think you have found someone who is a good fit for your organization. You can’t help asking the question:

Do they really have the skills that we need at this position?

This is a challenge for HR professionals and managers who are not closely connected with the technical skills of the position. We can help by fulfilling a role as your partner for independent testing and background checks in your recruiting process. When you have identified your top 3 choices for a position, we can administer a technical skills test that is customized to the position based on the job description. We will assess the candidate’s performance on the test, provide you a score and a brief analysis of specific areas of weakness and strength. Then when you are ready to make an offer, we can support you be conducting the background and reference check on the candidate and provide you with a report of any exceptions or red flags noted in the candidate’s background.

Our fees for these services are typically billed on a per candidate, fixed or project basis. We will work with you to provide you the support you need within a reasonable budget.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help support you in your candidate recruitment process.

Team Training

Team Training

If You Don’t Sharpen Your Knife You Will Use Up The Blade and Throw It Away – Don’t Throw Away Your Team, We Can Help Keep Your Team’s Skills Sharp With Customized Training Programs.

One of the greatest challenges for closely held companies is maintaining an effective workforce that can continue to help the organization remain competitive. In the accounting and finance functions, if you’re doing things the same way that you always have then chances are that you’re leaving profit on the table. Those lost profits are not simply in the form of efficiency gains but also in terms of the timely information required to make solid business decisions.

The most nimble and effective organizations today maintain skilled and well trained staffs. They have also automated data entry, mundane and repetitive processes to allow their human capital to focus its efforts on solving problems. Organizations following best practices today run their organizations not off of Profit and Loss Statements or Balance Sheets, but use dashboards with live data that help management to understand the three or five critical metrics in the business at any given point in time. This allows management to make changes at the beginning or middle of the month that can impact the results at the end of the period. This information does not produce itself – it requires a staff with the technical skills to know what data to collect, how to collect it, how to organize it and to identify what relationships drive the business.

Our team can work with your organization on targeted training programs to build capacity, reduce costs and improve the reporting product that you use to manage your business. We can structure our programs in a variety of formats including classroom, on-the-job, virtual or a hybrid approach. We often help build skills on critical accounting programs, process documentation, basic accounting skills, budgeting and planning, communication, financial modeling, and other related skills.

Please Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding your training needs and let us show you how we can help you to transform your reporting organization.